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Exactly a week later, I started having pregnancy symptoms. I was alarmed. The last time I had s-3z with hubby was almost 4 months ago…How would I be pregnant? I panicked and got a pregnancy kit to test and the test showed two blue lines. By this time, my heart was pounding. The next day…I rushed to do a proper lab test for pregnancy and it was positive.

I was pregnant and it was not for my husband…its for my Zimbabwe lover from Dubai. For several days I did not know what to say. My husband was finally coming home and I thought I could sleep with him and claim the pregnancy for him. I actually started sleeping with him the day he returned. But my pregnancy symptoms included vomiting and frequent urination which I could not hide. I was also glowing. Hubby took one look at me and said you are pregnant!

I tried to deny but he insisted on taking the test that evening. Because I had done so many pregnancy  tests with him in the past, my husband quickly got the test kit and asked me to do the test immediately. I did it and tried to pretend to be pleasantly surprised. Hubby was over the moon and very happy…he immediately started praying that the pregnancy will complete full term and no miscarriage this time.

In my mind, I thought this went really well…hubby is not even observing that the last time we had s-3x was almost five months ago. I was relived he thought he got me pregnant somehow. The next day… took me to to the our doctor. After everything, the doctor congratulated us and advised us to be careful cos he was aware of my several miscarriages. He said the pregnancy is barely four weeks and as such, its still in a very risky time.

That was when the bomb went off …..

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