Top 5 Fully Funded Scholarships for International Students

Studying abroad is one of the best ways to achieve your academic objectives. Even if studying abroad is expensive, it is totally manageable because of fully funded scholarships. Scholarships that are fully funded pay for both schooling and living costs.

Additionally, there are scholarships that can be used to pay for insurance, books, and travel expenses. The majority of students seek out these awards as a result. If you are a student who wants to study abroad but cannot afford it, this article will help you choose one of the best fully funded scholarships. Each year, these fully-funded scholarships benefit a sizable number of international students. 

International Scholarships for 2021–2022, Fully Funded

These are the greatest fully financed international student scholarships that will be available in 2021: 

#1 British Citizenship Chevening Scholarships 

You may be eligible for British Chevening scholarships in the United Kingdom if you have showed leadership potential and have earned high-level positions in your academic career. The British government gives these scholarships to deserving international students every year. Tuition, living expenses, and round-trip airfare to the United Kingdom are all covered by this scholarship. Students can apply for this one-year scholarship to pursue a Master’s degree.

#2 Gates Cambridge Scholarships 

International students who aspire to study at Cambridge University UK, one of the world’s top universities, are eligible for these scholarships. The fact that Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda Gates, are supporting this work is the most exciting aspect of it. All overseas students are eligible for this grant, which covers visa expenses as well as the cost of Immigration Health Services. 

#3 Adelaide Scholarships

These scholarships are available to international students who wish to study at Adelaide University in Australia. Because they cover tuition, living expenses, and health insurance, these scholarships appeal to international students who cannot afford to study abroad. As a result, Adelaide Scholarships are the greatest place to start if you want to immerse yourself in a different culture. 

#4 Scholarships for Excellence in Amsterdam 

These 25,000 Euro scholarships are open to non-European students and cover both tuition and living expenses. Talented individuals who aspire to study at the University of Amsterdam can apply for these fully-funded scholarships. Students can receive a Master’s degree in any of the university’s Master’s programs through this scholarship program. Non-Europeans who wish to study in the Netherlands should apply for one of these scholarships. 

#5 ADB Japan Scholarships 

These scholarships are available in New Zealand through the Asian Development Bank’s Japan Scholarship Program. Students from all of the Asian Development Bank’s developing member nations are eligible for these scholarships. These scholarships include funding for books, medical insurance, and travel in addition to tuition and living expenses. Apply for one of these scholarships if you wish to pursue a master’s degree in Economics, Management, Science, or Technology.