Graduate degrees provide access to a variety of fascinating options. But enrolling in graduate school can sometimes involve taking a risk. After all, how do you know whether the degree will pay off — especially when earning one would entail stepping off the track you’re on now? If you’ve been thinking of pursuing advanced studies but have been hesitating, we’ve got wonderful news for you: there’s no better time than now to enhance your qualifications!

Here are some reasons why it’s a terrific time to pursue a Master’s or PhD, as well as why attending one fascinating international university can be a good idea.

Five Benefits Of Pursuing Graduate Studies Now

Choosing to attend graduate school is a significant life choice. It’s so significant that it can also be a little paralyzing. As important a decision as what to study is when to study. Continue reading for a summary of the justifications for why this is the ideal moment to begin.

  1. The Work Market Is Difficult 

The workforce is currently a challenging environment due to high unemployment and a stagnant economy. Because of this, now is a fantastic moment to concentrate on acquiring the abilities necessary to enter your sector as a more competitive applicant. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by enrolling in graduate school right away, whether you’ve been considering it for some time or are just getting started. Experts claim that this is one of the factors contributing to the recent surge in graduate school applications. According to education analyst Steve Goodman, “generally speaking, graduate applications rise when the employment market is weak.”

  1. Your knowledge and abilities will prepare you for life after COVID.

Although COVID will eventually be history, its impact on society will last forever. All industries have changed as a result of the epidemic, from healthcare to the environment. The health problem will be covered in some way in the curriculum no matter what subject you choose to study. Attending graduate school today will provide you with a priceless and beneficial viewpoint, regardless of whether you want to specialize in a COVID-related discipline or examine your subject in the context of the altered world.

  1. You’ll be equipped to inspire change. 

While the pandemic has presented a number of difficulties over the past two years, it has also brought to light pre-existing problems related to privilege, class, race, and culture. As a result, it is now more evident than ever that social justice and more fair leadership are required. A graduate degree can set the stage for leadership—and the possibility of making a positive difference—regardless of whether your career goals are in the fields of teaching, medicine, law, or another.

  1. You will increase your network. 

In the past two years, the world has been mostly shut down, which has resulted in less opportunities for social interaction. Graduate school provides several opportunities to network with professionals in your industry, including classmates, instructors, and more. Your network, which may be useful for everything from idea sharing to future employment chances, must be built through these connections.

  1. Beat the epidemic of boredom 

You may have had time to consider your future and determine your genuine aims and ambitions during the prolonged period when nearly everything was shut down. 

Why not delve deeply into a subject you are actually passionate about now that things are beginning to slowly get back to normal? Your mind will benefit from it. You might even change the world if you choose to conduct research to explore various boundaries.

Graduate studies at the Université de Montréal

The Université de Montréal (UdeM), one of the top 100 universities in the world according to the Times Higher Education World Rankings, is a highly regarded institution that offers a wide range of graduate programs and career pathways aimed at assisting students in expanding their knowledge and improving their career prospects. Furthermore, while taking advantage of the vibrant interdisciplinary community at the institution and Montreal’s distinctive atmosphere, students can customize their education to meet their interests and aspirations. 

Look no further than UdeM if you’re seeking for a vibrant, diverse learning environment. In addition to drawing students from all over the world, UdeM is home to 13 esteemed faculties, a large number of eminent professors and researchers, and more than 400,000 former students. UdeM is a strong bilingual institution with a foundation in French and a sizable percentage of coursework given in English.

No talk of UdeM would be complete, speaking of living, without highlighting its fantastic Montreal location. Witness a French-infused city that is madly in love with festivals, the arts, delicious food, living well, and savoring life to the fullest, praises Lonely Planet of this multiethnic city. 

UdeM provides advice and tools on everything from scholarships to budget planning because it is aware that money is a major concern for many prospective graduate students. 

For Fall 2022, there is still time to apply. Find out about the programs available for the upcoming semester and begin your education at UdeM!