Table of Contents

  • 1.University of Toronto

  • 2.York University

  • 3.Carleton University

  • 4.University of Waterloo

  • 5.University of Windsor

Numerous students who want to study abroad frequently choose the Canadian province of Ontario as their location. It is one of the places you might want to check out if you attend a school for international students. It is well-known for its prestigious colleges as well as the aggressive pricing for many of the programs. Their international reputation also implies that the degrees, diplomas, or certificates issued are of the highest caliber. These are the criteria that Toronto-based private international high school pupils take into account when searching for a reputable university. 

You can start your search at one of these top five schools or universities after graduating from a private school in Toronto because there are so many to choose from.

Carleton University 

Ottawa, the provincial capital of Ontario, is home to Carleton University. Over the past ten years, the number of international students at the institution has increased by over 40%, and as a result, it has gained popularity with them. With a network of 5 kilometers worth of subterranean tunnels connecting the university buildings, it provides solace for individuals who have graduated from a private high school in Toronto but are still terrified of the winters. Tuition for undergraduates ranges from $20,012 to $22,976. Graduate housing costs between $10,544 and $12,869, and graduate tuition costs between $13,060 and $14,042.

University of Windsor 

The University of Windsor is well-liked by the 175 international students who enroll there. With the kind of research that is supported by the cutting-edge facilities, it has established a solid reputation with its recently finished Center for Engineering Renovation. The cost of undergraduate tuition ranges from 17,700 to $19,000. $19,650 to $19,695 is the range for graduate tuition. The cost of living is between $5,788 to $7,500.

University Toronto 

The oldest university in Canada, University of Toronto, was founded in 1827. It provides more programs and facilities than any other institution in Canada, as well as a wide range of options. Because of its standing in academia and athletics, it is well-liked by international students. Currently, it serves approximately 15,000 international students from more than 150 nations. Graduate tuition costs are between $19,550 and $28,260, while undergraduate tuition costs range from $27,240 to $35,280. Housing for residents costs between $12,258 and $15,467.

University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo was named the top university in Canada for innovation. It has a stellar reputation for its science and engineering programs and sophisticated research. Each year, it welcomes 5,000 international students from more than 120 nations. Fees for undergraduate students range from $20,860 to $22,156. Graduate school costs range from $12,392 to $12,516. Residential housing costs range from $2,214 to $3,701.

University of York

The second-largest institution in Ontario and the third-largest in Canada is York University. For a university with its amenities and intriguing offerings, it charges the most reasonable tuition rates. More than 11,000 international students from 178 different nations attend this 1959-founded university. It is the only university in Canada to offer both undergraduate degrees in global health and space engineering. Additionally, it is well known for having Osgoode Hall Law School. Graduate tuition prices are between $7,516 and $13,178, while undergraduate tuition fees range from $12,780 to $13,571. Housing at York University would range in price from $5,356 to $7,958.